Home Videos Injustice 2, Farpoint, The Surge – New Releases

Injustice 2, Farpoint, The Surge – New Releases


If you’re not into comic books, there’s plenty of sci-fi and fantasy to go around this week too.

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Injustice 2, Farpoint, The Surge - New Releases


  1. I want to give far point a shot but VR doest appeal to me all that good. Injustice 2…meh,I expected more new characters but gotta pay up.

  2. I'm going to look like such a looser saying this, but the new fire emblem ins't the same old rock paper as we know. There is no weapon triangle in this game. That being said i'm so hyped for it. Fire emblem can't come fast enough

  3. Super pumped for Injustice 2! Ton of characters at launch :)!

    Then few more weeks until Tekken!!!

  4. I would just like to FUCKING KNOW why the TIMESTAMP in Fullscreen mode on Gamespots website DOES NOT DISAPPEAR… When you're not IN fullscreen mode, it GOES AWAY ….. SO WHAT IN THE BLUE FUCKING SHIT???

    YouTube does it….. and every other fucking video service known to man at this point, but NOT GAMESPOT!!???

  5. $45 Season Pass for Fire Emblem. Has day one DLC, week 2 DLC and week 3 DLC. Season pass also cost more then the game itself.

  6. the jokes in this video just confirm that gamespot is probably the next big site to fall

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