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Is fallout 3 better on PS3 or a PC?


I am looking to make some purchases in the near future, I have an HD TV 42 inches and I am purchasing a computer soon. I am wondering if Fallout 3 is better on PS3 or the computer?

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  1. I have both (bought PC, got PS3 version as gift). I would recommend the PC version as long as you are getting a computer that can handle it. It runs pretty well on a 2.4ghz dual core with 3gb ram and a NVIDIA 9800GT. There will be lots of mods coming out soon (some already out), plus you can use more cheats (if you choose to). Most HDTVs have computer hoookups anyways so that really shouldn’t be a deciding factor.

  2. Games will always be better on the computer because you can mod the games.

    But then again, playing on your giant HDTV could be a factor.

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