Home Playstation Forum is the xbox360 natal going to work?

is the xbox360 natal going to work?


or is it going to be like play staion eyetoy i saw that but every one said it was a piece of crap i want a natal is it going to work cause if it does what they say it will be so cool

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  1. Yes, we on Yahoo Answers are gonna know if something that isn’t set to release until 2010 is going to work. Wtf? No ones gonna know you can’t buy it my god, it isn’t out my god.

  2. Natal sounds like a gimmic, just a more complicated one. I get the feeling its going to be like Wii-Fit. Once the novelty wears off, its going to be in a corner, gathering dust.

  3. IF it works like they say it does, it will be incredible.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think the technology is here yet to do things like that, so I don’t think it’s going to work as well as they say it should.

  4. if it uses a camera witch idk if it does then yes its gonna suck but if it uses a remote like the wii it may not suck

  5. this is aimed at casual gamers so for me it would be crap oh and by the way it uses a motion sensing camera

    the technology is amazing but i dont want one

  6. Thats why they called it “Project” Natal because if it doesn’t work then they’ll just scrap it.

    I thought the eyetoy was pretty cool just wish they would have made better games for it. I prefer controllers and the motion sensing controller from Sony seems like it will be better.

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