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Microsoft XBOX One vs Sony PlayStation 4: Design, hardware, and software


Microsoft XBOX One vs Sony PlayStation 4: Design, hardware, and software


  1. I have the ps4 and two pretty badass game system I play the Grand Theft Auto 5 beat it twice and now I'm playing Need for Speed rival ps4 is a badass game console I'm not know Xbox person or on my Sony fan that's about it

  2. I think the Xbox one is the best, its simple fast and if your not a gamer you can get Netflix and shit on it. Shitstation4 is only meant for gaming…. for all of you ps4 nerds,the ps4 is a "next generation" wanna be… YEAH SURE it costs money for live on the Xbox but that's because xbx is not meant for cheap faggots that are looking for a 200$ experience. Xbox one costs more because ITS BETTER and from what I heard there's more servers on Xbox than there was PS…. Xbox has had internet since THE original Xbox and shitstation decided to play with the big boys on the ps3 by making FREE internet… plus they have way more games that kick ass… i m a classic C.O.D. and halo gamer. My gamertag is zx0Chaos0xz. I get ungrounded in febuary and if any Xbox gods a.k.a. gamers want to play GOW halo or cod send me a message and ill send a friend rquest. That's another thng shitstasion has a horrible social network…. I'm done calling outbon shit station faggots PEACE!!!!!

  3. Unfortunately it will come down to the games… that's what made xbox 360 better than PS3. The sales of XBOX ONE and PS4 are identical. I think PS4 will fall short as far as the games… yes PS4 has a removable hard drive but you have to know what your doing to put in a bigger hard drive and it has to be at least 160gb. Putting a solid state drive in a PS4 is expensive and for 2 or 3 extra seconds faster is not worth it.

  4. He absolutely skimmed over the difference in the GPU.  Again the PS4 outperforms the Xbox1 1.84 TeraFLOPS vs 1.33 TeraFLOPS.  The higher PS4 memory bandwidth 176 GB/s vs the Xbox1's 68.3 GB/s means the PS4 is more capable.  Keep in mind it is not reserving resources to multitask everything the Xbox1 is trying to pull off.  This will equate to a more future proofed console.

  5. xbox one is shit! thats why there in stock every where! they already have two problams. I have had a xbox since they had first came out and i would never of thought i would go to ps, but since the xbox one has came out, microsoft have just ruined it! its chunky and ugly; its more of a entertainment console then a gaming one. the ps4 on the other hand was totally made for gaming! im going for the ps4!

  6. The Xbox one rules I have both the ps 4 and Xbox one the Xbox dose every thing the ps4 dose plus some

  7. I dont like how all the games you've played are there what happens in acouple years when you've played a lot of games and got a lot of apps, its gonna be crazy

  8. Xbox one is so good I love it, and for those gamers not sure what to buy, don't believe what a lot of people say about Xbox one cuz its great. Ps4 fanboys are always trying to ruin it for all the XB1 gamers

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