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Ok I wanna buy a ps3?


Are they making kingdom hearts for ps3 when is it coming out? Are they making more starwars battlefront games? Plz answer all!! And i have his cord for my tv that came w/ the ps1 its a really old tv it doesnt have the plugs where you plug it into yellow white and red instead it plugs into that back of the tv and you twist it into the back. is that compatable with the ps3 cuz it was with the ps2 or am i gunna have to save more $$ for a new tv also and dont tell me you recomend me buying a new tv cuz idc. if I think of any more questions I’ll put them in details so

Keep on looking and give great answers for ur points. thanks

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  1. KH3 is neither an announced title or in development. After the 200+ times I answered this, I’m sure one of them would’ve come up in a convenient google search.

    Don’t know about Star Wars though, though.

  2. I’m totally unsure about those two games- haven’t heard anything about them yet. I’m quite certain you can use that adapter to plug in the ps3 cables, as long as it allows 3 plugs? Having answered that, you should think about what kind of ps3 you want. I would recommend getting either an older 60GB or 80gb “fat” system as they will allow for backwards compatibility with you ps1. Backwards compatibility with the ps2 however is either impossible (all “fat” models with exception of 60GB) or of terrible quality (“slim” models). Good luck finding the right ps3:) HAVE FUN:D

  3. my answers are in the order you asked em

    1:Yes they are

    2: No one knows yet supposively 2012 but thats just rumors

    3: Most likely since battlefront has been going on since i was like 11 and im 17 now also its rumored that the SOCOM developer Slant Six Games was working with LucasArts to make a battlefront online only kinda like what they did with SOCOM for ps3 its only an online game no campaign or anything supposively thats coming out next year in 2011

    4: Im not sure if it will work with that kinda tv my tv is really old but it has the yellow white and red plug in areas on the front still so id say get a new tv and i know you said not to put that but sorry sometimes you gotta make sacrifices to gain stuff

  4. PS3 haven’t announce it yet for the release of kingdom heart. I hope they do. Even in Starwars not so sure about it. For playing PS3 you need a new tv for using the consoles. For the meantime, You may take time to look some info to know more about PS3.

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  5. buy a ps3 if u have a HDTV or a HDCP Monitor otherwise its waste of money

    its graphics sux bad on SDTV.buy a full hd tv

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