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PAL and NTSC playstation 3?


i’ve browsed wikipedia for the meaning of them but i want to know whether these formats are something related to the console per se?does it mean that the console is in itself PAL and can play only PAL ps3 games even if the TV is Multi-system one and support both PAL and NTSC format or it relates only to the TV irrespective of the console?

my tv:sony bravia KLV-32S400A

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  1. Being region free does not fix or override PAL & NTSC compatibility. Region coding and SD video (which is what PAL & NTSC is) have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

    It means that the console is designed for that particular SD video format. If your TV is multi-system, then all that is needed is for the PS3 game to have the proper SD video encoded on the disc. This is the real reason why most PS3 games work anywhere regardless of setup; game developers put both NTSC and PAL video on the game disc. You need this SD video in addition to removing the region coding in order for a media to play in multiple regions. There are only a select few games that don’t. GTA IV is probably the most popular one. Yes, that’s right, the PAL version of GTA IV does not work on an NTSC console. Instead, you are greeted with an 80028F10 PS3 error code. And this has been proven over and over again.

    However, its worth noting that HDMI does not make use of all this since its High Definition. If you use HDMI connection, then any game will work anywhere, whether its from the U.S. or the planet Mars. Guaranteed.

  2. your tv doesnt matter. and thanks to the boys down under, every PS3 is njow region free, so you can play PAL or NTSC games. even japanese imports. doesnt matter.

  3. NTSC is the american tv format while PAL is european. now if you live in america and bought your ps3 in america and the tv in america than they will both be running NTSC you will be fine 🙂

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