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Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Review


Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Review


  1. I'm convinced that the people at Konami own IGN every year pes gets a 9 rating how for man blue vs man. red ?

  2. This is by far the worst football game I have ever played! How this got 8.5 is beyond me, Fifa is far from perfect, but it's miles better than this shit !!!

  3. This video is very misleading,,,I actually decided to buy this game instead of FIFA 17 and after 2 matches I noticed some of its unrealistic and ridiculous flaws,,,please whoever reviewed this game on behalf of ign,,,you clearly didnt play the same game i did,,,the games motto is control reality but the players movements and touches of the ball feel like a cartoon and the game isnt in your full control i felt like i was playing by luck and not my own will as the game decided everything for me my passes and crosses,,,this game was completely overrated,,,honesstly 9.5 for a game where the commentators dont even know over 90% of the teams in the game it seriously ridiculous,,,please ign give real reviews next time…

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