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Pure Chess PS4 Gameplay

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  1. i am not sure if i will buy it or not , can you tell me please is there anyone online in this game ?

  2. Also, you should have taken the rook with your bishop. Don't worry about the coming check with his bishop. All the pieces have point values. A bishop is only worth 3 points whereas a rook is worth 5. A queen is worth 10 so trading off a queen for 2 rooks can be worth it in the right scenario. I know you posted this video a while ago and you may be much better now, but I thought I'd offer up some advice anyway. Keep practicing and you will get better.

  3. Chess is about controlling the center of the board so b3 as a first move in my opinion is not a good one. A more common first move would be d4 or e4 if you want to play open/offensive or d3 or e3 if you want to play closed/defensive. Since White moves first I think experienced players automatically play offensive as White, but it's okay to play defensive. You should get a book on openings and strategies and tricks. I learned a lot of cool stuff in those books. When you start doing discovered attacks (when you have a queen or bishop on the same line as a knight that is sitting in front of your opponent's king and you pull the knight away to where you can get a rook or their queen and they usually can't do anything about it because they're simultaneously in check and have to block or move their king). I love doing stuff like that lol. And once you learn some stuff, you'll start spotting it a few moves ahead. It's not much different than a hunter laying out a trap to catch their prey.

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