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Saints Row 4 Re-Elected: PS4 vs Xbox One Gameplay Frame-Rate Test


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Saints Row 4 Re-Elected: PS4 vs Xbox One Gameplay Frame-Rate Test


  1. It would've been a more wise decision to lock the framerate at 30fps rather than unlocked.


  3. ok quit whining it's practically locked at 30 fps your not going to notice to few extra frames and cutscenes running better it plays and it's fun don't like it go somewhere else….

  4. Any one know if it was updated for better performance still going to get it any way because it still has better frames than the PS3 and I never noticed anything wrong on PS3 lol

  5. The inFamous games run better than this at the same resolution, and those are real current gen games, there is no excuse for this last gen port to run this bad. Specially with how straightforward these consoles are.

  6. Don't blame the console hardware for developers laziness of making a poorly optimized pos port.

  7. wow sad that these current gen consoles cant even stay at a steady frame rate that was built on a old game engine.

  8. These comments really make the entire gaming community look bad. To the PC gamers: Maybe some people don't feel like spending thousants of dollars on hardware, constantly upgrading it, just to have better graphics. Consoles have very decent graphics, theres nothing wrong with 1080p 45fps average, you dont need 4K 120fps (which I doubt many of you actually can run) to enjoy a video game. Maybe I just want to spend a few hundred bucks and be set for over 5 years. Plug in my hdmi to my tv, sit back on my couch and enjoy a game with friends. If you want to spent all your money on hardware just to be stuck in front of a minitor on your desk all day thats fine, but dont hate on people who want to keep it simple. We are all gamers here remember.

    And to ps3 fanboys bashing xbox, you cant even notice those few fps difference when theyre next to each other, let alone when you're just playing 1 version. Its basicly the same box with a different name.

    Ive been enjoying games on xbox for over a decade, all 3 generations. With friends, or alone, it has given me thousants of hours of entertainment. Who the hell do you think you are bashing it. This community is getting sad.

  9. Wow the framerate is all over the place on both consoles(ps4 a bit higher than xbox). Can anyone who has played it tell me if it feels as bad as the Numbers make it look?

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