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The Launch of the Sony Playstation (1995)


The Launch of the Sony Playstation (1995)


  1. I had my first job when this came out, didn't get it on launch but the first console I purchased with my own money.

  2. I used to buy stacks of gaming magazines that came with these demo discs and thats how i chose wich games i bought, the good old days.

  3. Amazing that both Sega and Nintendo did severe self-harm by avoiding partnership with Sony. If only they knew the monster they were creating….

  4. for me this console will always be the greatest console of all time with games like xenogears, chrono cross, suikoden 1 and suikoden 2, valkyrie profile, brave fencer musashi, the street fighter alpha and street fighter ex series, parasite eve, the tekken series, star ocean the second story, the saga frontier series, legend of mana, the armored core series, i could go on and on with all of the games on this system that had a dramatic impact on me or changed my life to the gamer and human being i am today. its just such a shame and makes me depressed when i think about just how most of the games or series i just listed in this comment are pretty much forgotten and left in the dust but im still thankful that i grew up in the 90s in this era born in 1990 and proud of it!

  5. I remember about a Sony Playstation Stage on the Cebit 1995 (or 96). Didn't interested me back then because i didn't liked consoles at all as i came from Amiga and was on PC at the time. But the 3D graphics of the PSX were quite good at the time.
    But the only game i was aware of the early PSX time was Destruction Derby. I was more into Flightsims, Wing Commander and Command and Conquer.

  6. Their launch in the US was accompanied by the most fucking retarded ad campaign by an ad agency that couldn't have less of a clue wtf they were doing

  7. i remember me n my friends rushing home to play tekken and wipeout i believe for the 1st time it was a revelation after using megadrives for so long ,even the demo disk with the dinosaur was excellent for a minute or two anyway there was lots of oooh,s n ahhh,s , oh yeah ridge racer too i loved that , like u i was 18 at the time and it was my 1st big purchase on my credit card

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