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Whats better xbox360 or ps3?



  1. ps3 wifi: free = garbage

    xbox live: $50.00 a year = way better online experience,

    basically you get what you pay for. the ps3 is nothing more than an overpriced blu ray player

  2. Neither. Its all down to personal preference. If you’re looking to buy one of them, consider which games you’ll play. The 360’s 3 biggest franchises are Halo, Gears, and Fable. While the PS3’s are Metal Gear Solid, Uncharted, and Resistance. While both systems have many of the same 3rd party games such as call of duty and bioshock.

    edit – btw dont fall for all of those fanboy ardtards out there who go OMFG PS3 FTW!! or 360 ROXORZ, PS3 SUXORZ!!.

    I noticed that the first anboy comment has already appeared and its from a 360 fanboy. I say we all give him thumb downs until his comment is no longer visible. and do the same to any ps3 fanboy comments.

  3. Ps3 free wifi and online game play

    399 for ps3

    xbox 360

    349 which xbox live 1 year. every year its 50 dollars.

  4. Oh my God. At this point, all you have to do is use the handy little SEARCH BAR at the top of the page and you will finds a billion of these questions.

    Why are you even asking? This is such an outdated question. If you don’t have a PS3 or 360 at this point, just don’t get one at all.

  5. I prefer the 360.

    It has all the good games like Halo, COD, and other types of games including racing, RPG etc.

    PS3 just has alot of EA games and some third party shooters.

    Live is free for PS3 but the 50 bucks a year for the 360 is worth it.

  6. here is a fair comparison

    PS3 offers:

    Free Wi-Fi

    Great Blu-Ray

    Great Playstation Store

    vast online community

    playstation home avatar system

    vast adaptation to third party companies EX: bluetooth

    and a bunch more

    Xbox 360 offers:

    Online play-$50.00-but it is a bit less laggy than playstation network

    HD-but they dont make any HD movies any more-its all blu-ray

    Great Xbox Live marketplace

    Huge online community

    avatars but not as in-depth as the playstation home feature

    not as adaptive to third party companies as ps3


    and a buch more

    so it mainly depends on what ur gonna use it for:

    shooting Games: 360

    a little of an advantage for online play: 360

    movies: PS3

    Racing games: PS3

    sports games: PS3

    Both consoles are good for rpg’s

    so, ultimitly i choose the ps3

  7. PS3: $399

    Online – Free, included

    Charging your controller – Free, included

    Wifi Receiver – Free, built in

    Xbox360: $299

    Online – +$50 Year [$349]

    Charging your controller – + $30 [$379]

    Wifi Receiver – + $100 [$479]

    Online gaming for both are basically the same.

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