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Xbox 360 Errors – How Do You Fix a Error Like the E74 Error at Home?


The Xbox 360 system is a great console. The Xbox 360 also has a ton of games that are in its library unlike the PlayStation 3. This is really because the 360 has been out longer than the PS3 on the market. The ps3 is catching up though.

Xbox live is a great feature and that is why a lot of people own a 360. You can play with tons of players all around the world online if you are bored at home with nothing to do. I have done this and it is really quite neat. If you think of what old systems could do and compare them to the amazing things these new systems can do it really is astonishing.

Even with all the cool features and high definition graphics and audio the Xbox 360 is not without its problems. One of the problems that it has had since day one is errors like the E74 error and the “red ring of death” error. Ask anyone who has had a 360 for long and they will probably tell you that they have sent their system back in to Microsoft for repair. If it was under warranty then fine but if it was not then you have to spend at least 100 bucks to get it fixed plus you have to wait a while to get it back.

You can repair your system at home if you did not know with a repair guide. Before you get a guide you should try a couple of things.

Try and unplug everything from the system and let it set there for a few minutes, maybe even overnight. This can solve some errors. Also make sure that the system has plenty of air. Overheating can cause a lot of errors. If the system looks dusty get you a small brush and clean it. If these steps do not fix your system then you will need a quality repair guide.

If you want to fix your system at home, to save money and time you will need a repair guide. More information on the repair guide can be found at this website: Xbox 360 Repair [http://xbox360repairguides.info].

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