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Xbox friend list problem?


Today my Xbox live account my friend list was deleted and I texted my friend and my

Friend said i was still in his friend list and i told him to delete me but he said it wouldnt let him but I have 0 friends and it even tells me when a friend starts playing a game and remember i have 0 friemds and i cant even send messages or send friend requests.WHAT DO I DO!?!?

I went on xbox.com and it said i have 0 friends

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  1. You are not hacked and this is a problems a lot of people are facing at the moment. Just wait a while and thinks should get fixed

  2. Microsoft is experiencing technical difficulties since 3PM EST. You may have trouble getting online, joining friends games and parties, marketplace trouble, unable to send friend requests and random lag/glitching. They are working hard to restore these services to XBOX LIVE users. Keep trying every once in a while or check out their site status for updated information every 30 minutes. [url is not allowed].


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