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xbox live update?


ok, so i logged onto xbox live today to see that a message was there saying that it would be turning off the live service for about 3 hours. what are they updating?

what would you like to see?

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  1. Supposedly they’ve been adding games to the marketplace. I’m not really sure why they would close down live today. I hope that in addition to the marketplace, they add regular xbox games to 360 so you can play older games.

  2. Generally when an update is so big that they need to shut down the service, it is because they are updating/repairing a major piece of hardware.

    As for the what I would like to see, well making live gold free would be a start. I understand that some of the proceeds reduce the price of the console but that is really no excuse to sell functionality that you already own. A similar example rests with cell phones, you can go to any store and buy a gps for under 100 dollars and never pay a dime to use it from then on, BUT you buy a cell phone for 4 times that much with a GPS device embedded and you have to pay to use it monthly. Soon you will see M$ charging by the minute for online play.

  3. The rumor that I heard is that they are preparing Xbox Live for Grand Theft Auto IV. Since Grand Theft Auto IV announced that it will have online play, everyone will probably rush to it to see what it is like. If everyone is rushing to it, it would cause an overload in the server (like Halo 3 did at first) and they want to make sure that the servers do not mess up like they did when Halo 3 came out. (and like the crash that happened in December/January)

    As for what I would like to see is making downloads on the Xbox Live Marketplace and Xbox Live Arcade, and Xbox Originals cheaper. The stuff on there is way too expensive. The demos are pretty stupid and I don’t want to waste $10 for one that I do like and for the Xbox Originals, the ones that they have you can still find in the store and somtimes can find less than $10 (or higher) and you would have a hard copy as backup in case your hard drive crashes. The downloaded content should be free because they do advertising on the Xbox Dashboard so they should take the money they get from that and put it towards free downloads of wallpapers, pictures, etc.

    Also, HD Downloads are a future possibility.

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