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Xbox refund question.?


I took a three month old faulty xbox back to Game store today and after being fobbed off was given a swap for a new one. I was not given a new receipt, just the old one back. Is this allowed? Should I not have been given a new receipt with todays date on?

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  1. Louise you do not need a new receipt. But as the new box that you have has a different serial number, do register it.

  2. this problem could have been prevented if only you’d taken it to your local shoe store.

  3. as per above answer, just register your new serial number. Sounds like a good deal to me.

    I never registered mine from purchace 18 months ago, but MS will still accept if you get 3 red lights. 3yr warranty on faults, 1 yr standard, 3yr on 3 red lights.

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