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Does Playstation 4 have a region lock?


I live In Israel. I want to order a Ps4 from eBay, from USA. Are there differences between American ps4 and European ps4?

Can I buy an American ps4 and play European games on it?

Can I buy an American ps4 and play American video games online on servers close to me (Israel/Europe). Thanks 😉

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  1. no its not region locked , but you won’t get a warranty ( the warranty on a u.s ps3 is not valid outside of the united states ) and will need 110 volt current in your country or to buy an inverter to get 100 volts ( or hire an electrician and pay him a handful of cash to wire a plug in )

    you’ll also have to update the ps4 using a flash drive and pc , fw updates are region specific and not interchangeable so you can not set your ps4 to auto update and have it update system software automatically using the internet without bricking the console ( in other words you would need to turn it off between use or disable auto updates in the settings )

    by the time you pay for shipping , import taxes and duties , credit card fees and exchange rates you really aren’t saving any money in most countries and if it breaks its just junk because sony will not repair it if used outside the u.s

  2. Other people will have a better answer but I have an xbox one and I presume it is the same on ps4 as I live in the uk and use lots of American games as they are cheaper for me to buy.

    You might be paying a lot for postage on your PS4 due to size of boxing

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