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Greg Hastings Paintball 2 I Gameplay [HD]


Greg Hastings Paintball 2 I Gameplay [HD]


  1. Amazing game. I recently completed this game using the Playstation move sharpshooter and it was one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences I've ever had. It really immerses you like no other shooter while using the move gun. I tried with the standard controller and found it unrewarding. Its a shame there's no-one left playing online multiplayer too!

  2. Well paintball is a lot different from actual combat. Like the pro fields are nothing like combat in real life -.- even more natural areas are not very realistic, it just has a much different feel to it.

  3. Airsoft is a simulation of actual combat…

    So you can play paintball without having to be at the field, because of whatever reason.. Why are there car games when you can drive your own car, why is there the sims if you can live your own life.

    What a dumbass comment.

  4. Best Paintball game = GOTCHA! Go buy it for PC. It's one of the best games i played when i was young 🙂

  5. Paintball in a whole isn't a simulation of combat, simulation of combat is know as 'Milsim' which is military simulation, where they get fully kitted up army clothes helmets, everything. Then there is woodsball which is played in the woods (I know, captain obvious) and then there's speedball which in this video is what he's playing.

  6. Tournament speedball isn't supposed to be a simulation of action combat… it's a sport of it's own, no different than playing a baseball or football video game. The simulation you're referring to is reserved for people who aren't good enough to play speedball and want to pretend they're in a stupid unrealistic war, also known as woodsball.

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