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how to use 2 mics on xbox live?


ok me and my gf have gold live accounts but when we go online only 1 of us can use the mic same if we join a party is there a way to fix this?
we are in the same house and we have 2 different controllers and 2 diff gold acounts on 2 different names siggned into the same xbox we black black ops online together but only 1 of us can actually talk. it wont even show the mic symbol are friends can do it but we cant i wanna know what im missing

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  1. Your question is so confusing, ar you too together or is she at her own house or what?

    Obviously you can only use one mic per person. it fits on one person unless the other person yell really loud.

    Really no one can tel lyou anything, restate your question in a more direct/p type of way.

    whats the word im lookin for. it starts with a p and has an h in it wow how can i forget. it stands for like not simple. or not dull/lame/boring. perplex. philosophical. whats the word >.<

  2. Hey man I have the same problem, I’ve tried getting me and my girlfriend to play with two mics but it will only work one or the other, it won’t let me play with two mics.

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