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is the ps3 super slim bad?


im thinking about getting a ps3 and i found a perfect cheap bundle online that has the super slim and the last of us but i saw someone on YouTube say it was terrible at reading disc is this true? or has it updated or something? Thanks In Advance

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  1. yeah , one xbox fanboy posts ps3 super slim is bad on youtube so it must be true right , after all , everything on youtube is true and nobody online lies or fakes videos

    sony made the most reliable ps3 so far in the latest model , it uses less power , runs cooler and does away with the powered disc insert and eject. the 3 main problems on the older models were overheating , power supply problems and when it dies your game is stuck in the console so the new ps3 does not have any of those problems

  2. I own a ps3 super slim and it has never given me any problems. It’s wonderful, easy to move around if needed, the top slides open so you can place your disk in so it won’t scratch as easy as if it were sliding in. With that being said, my disks are in perfect condition, no scratches, and it has been able to read and play not only new games but preowned games as well. Yes the system does updates to fix any bugs or problems within the system data. The last of us bundle isn’t a bad deal. It’s a super fun game and a good system.

  3. It’s made more cheaply than the slim, but as far as reading discs goes it’s fine as long as you don’t touch the lens or leave the cover open.

  4. Just a claim, probably the Youtube guy used bad discs or the PS3 was poorly cared for. The super slim reads disc fine but as has been noted you have to ensure the lens does not get dirty, as in leaving the deck open, touching the lens, etc. Also if your discs become scratched do not insist on trying to play them in the console. The more the game console strains trying to read such discs the shorter will be its lifespan.

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