Home Playstation Forum Is this true is gears of war coming out for ps3?

Is this true is gears of war coming out for ps3?


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  1. Would you listen to 2 Top Contributers or the other 2?

    It is a possibility that it would come to PS3, don’t be surprised though.

  2. The Gears of War franchise is Microsoft owned. No chance of them splitting the profit with Sony.

  3. There’s a possibility that Gears of War 3 might come out for the PS3. I think MS only has a 2 game exclusive deal.

  4. The article says that it is possible. That’s not the same as saying the switch is imminent. Epic is not a Microsoft company like Bungie is (the people who develop Halo), so after the 2 game deal with Microsoft is over it is a possible that the game will be available for the PS3.

  5. The article says that this is possible. Why not. GTA became multiplatform (so as some other games). That would be very nice.

  6. Of course it ain’t true, CVG is a load of crud anyhow; Gears is an XB exclusive, why the hell would they dilute it’s quality even further and put it on the shoddyness that is the PS3.?

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