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MW2 Nuke boosting (PS3)?


Hey! I’m trying to level up fast in mw2 for ps3 online.

I want to nuke boost to get a lot of xp.

So if YOU want to nuke boost with me then please leave your PSN.

You have to be on a lot so that we can do this almost all the time. I’m not saying that you have to be on every waking minute, just a lot. like I am.

If we do. the common nuke boosting edikit will apply. We will alternate who will be getting the points each round, BUT. We will be doing it a little bit differently. If it is my turn. you will get 7 kills first. (harriers) and then I will kill you 25 times for a nuke.Or 11 times for ac130, and then You can kill me once more, so I can get an ac130 one more time in that match.

I’m doing this for points not necessarily for nukes.

thank you.

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  1. yeah ill boost with u but im only going to be on weekends though but when im on im ready to boost and boost as long as you want to but i dont want nukes im only trying to get ac130 kills my psn is remy100sam

  2. if you gonna do that, don’t play the game at all, it’s people like you who ruin the game for everyone, play it legitimately and fairly.

  3. heyy, ill give you my ps3 its jirachi2001.itd be great if you had a mic? i dunno just reply and tell me.i have a mic and im on everyday after school pretty much,.thats about 3:45 pm till around 9? i just prestiged the first time so yea i wouldnt mind some boosting.and ill play anyway that you want to.im more for the headshots not the points so we can both benifit from it:).uhm ill tgive you my game list too if you wanna jam around on those.cod4, cod WAW, mw2, metalgear solid 4, socom confrontation (which is extremly pathetic).so yea jirachi2001 😉 no caps no spaces

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