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My Black Ops 2 copy freezes at the loading screen.?


Here’s the short, when I load my Black Ops 2 on my PlayStation 3, the opening cut scenes play and the game freezes anywhere in the opening cut scenes, ironically usually where there is the massive “Activision” sign (now I know who made the * product). When I am signed out of Play Station Network, the game does not freeze and I can load up multi-player, zombies or campaign. I even got clever once and attempted to sign into PSN after I passed the loading screen freeze but found that the servers were offline. Does anyone know what is causing this/whether there is going to be an update for this/it really is my defective disc/whether I should return the game/how explicitly should i cuss out David Vonderhaar on twitter?

If you want all the background information and the long story, I’ll type all this hoping some of you really smart tech people can come up with a reason for this. I played some multi-player release day, and today, Friday the 16th, I decided to hop on again. I had a great time for the amount of time I played, and the game worked perfectly. I was lagging so I decided I should try and play some zombies. Considering I’m the “multi-player” guy, I had already set my game to load multi-player by default. When I tried to switch back to zombies, the PS3 had the little loading symbol and then began playing the zombies music for a total of 3 seconds before completely freezing. The only way to get out of the freeze was to turn off my Play Station (Slim if that matters) with the big red button. Well I tried this multiple times, and the freeze happened every time, my PS3 even asked to check for corrupted memory once. I tried deleting all the saves for Black Ops 2, but they did completely nothing. I tried setting the thing to load to campaign by default, but that just made it start freezing at the loading screen. Then, I began to get really angry and ran around in circles for a bit, until i got the crafty idea that it was the PSN that was causing the freeze. I got by the freeze by logging off of PSN, but when I logged back on the PSN on the multi-player screen (I really wanted to play some more), the game told me the servers were down. With some basic level googling, the official Black Ops 2 website/status says that PS3 servers are up and all their issues are resolved. “resolved”. I’m still getting these issues. My disc is completely clean, and some of my friends are online playing. I’m not about to go into Best Buy raging at employees when it’s not their fault.

Thanks for anyone that can get by that massive wall of text and at least give me some consolation like “this is happening to me too” or “it’s their problem, not your disc’s”. Even better is if you could give me some explanation/what Treyarch is doing to fix the problem. I dished out $60 for a game to play online with friends, not something to get angry over. Once again, thank you everyone who replies. (assuming you’re not that * who replies saying “your mom * treyarch last night that’s why”. that doesn’t even make sense)

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  1. I feel you. I have been trying to play since opening day and have not been able to. I usually freeze during the opening loading screen with the little treyarch logo in the bottom right corner. There have been some rare occasions where I got past the usual loading screen and then be able to play. When I try to play online, it tells me there is an error and i can’t play online. So I play by myself for about an hour then it freezes. Thinking there was a problem with the disc, I dropped another $60 (total of $120 now) buying another game. I get home, pop the game into my PS3 and. FML. freezes. There was a patch yesterday that was useless to me, maybe it had helped you. Try to stay optimistic

  2. Yeh same problem with me then u got to turn it off then u have to go thru checking and restoring the file system massive pain in the scrotum

  3. Many, and I mean many PS3 Users are having this problem and for many different reasons. I believe a patch is on it’s way so in the meantime, don’t keep freezing up your ps3, it wont do it good, so play a different game in the time being. I know you payed $60 for it, I got the hardened edition and I’m not too happy either. We’ll all get through it soon.

  4. It is a known issue Treyarch is working on a patch. Dont break your ps3 take it easy!

    return the game and probably buy another copy after sumtime.

  5. This happens to me aswell, OMG am not the only one thank got, This “*” started Friday morning and i cant play multiplayer so far (Its Sutarday morning and i really want to play this game). anyway i tried playing black ops 2 with other accounts, it happens to other account aswell FFS. The only way to play is to create a new acc and start from the beginning.

  6. I understand your pain! It happen to me while I was playin the black op 2!! I was playin online and then it freeze right in the middle of the game! What worst is I was in multi-player waitin to play but it say “waiting for more player.” WTF.? I got freeze while waiting to play. IT * BULLSHIT! You are not the only person who having this problem. Again I understand your pain!

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