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Prison Architect – What’s New on PS4


We check out some of the changes coming to Prison Architect with it’s console release on PS4.

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Prison Architect - What's New on PS4

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  1. maybe there could be a difficulty level fir the deathrow prisoners. lowest difficulty would be no procedurs and just as long as you kill them your'e fine. death camps sound fun

  2. Hey I have a question when I go into regime I can't find work anywhere in there. Any idea why?

  3. Well that was actually informative and fun to watch, that's quite a feat for an Ign video.

  4. Il put it simple for you all . 1 the ps4 verson new stuff will get added to pc and all pc updates will come to ps4 inafect pc xbox ps4 will have same updates then any future updates will be added to all 3 at same time

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