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PS3 controller Help And Syncing It?


Ok so my PS3 controller just broke(water got on it)and i got a new one but my old controller is sync as 1st controller.How do i un-sync my old controller and sync my new one as the 1st controller?

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  1. 1) Hold onto the home button of the controller.

    2) The screen should pop with Turn off system and other options.

    3) Go to controller settings

    4) Change it to first controller

  2. To sync your new controller to the PS3, connect the new controller to the PS3 with a USB cord. Turn on the PS3 and press the PSHome button on the new controller and it should sync to the PS3 as the #2 controller (assuming your old controller still connects). You can then hold the PSHome button on the new controller, select controller settings, and switch the new controller to the 1 position.

  3. 1. Turn on you PS3 and Connect your new controller using the usb cable

    2. Insert a PS3 game and while it is loading Press and Hold the PS button (Not straight away wait about 10 seconds)

    3. When the screen comes up with the options select Turn Off System

    and all your controllers will turn off

    4. Wait till your PS3 turns off

    5. When it does Press the PS button on the controller you want as your number 1 controller and your controll that you want to be number 1 should be number 1

    If i that does not work instead of Turning Off the System go to Controller Settings and then select Reassign The Controller and choose number 1

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