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question about ps3 display settings?


well actually its 4.

im currently using my hdmi lead but seen an option for display in 1080i or 1080p?

also what is the best rgb option, full or limited?

should cross colour run be on or off?

Lastly, whats the option about super-white yy leads?

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  1. The number refers to the level of detail, 1080 being the highest. The”p” means that the image is progressively scanned and “i” means that the signal is interlaced. Basically a progressively scanned image is much more stable and deals with fast moving images better than an interlaced signal like 1080i, especially in games. If your TV goes up to 1080p I would set it at that, if your TV goes up to 1080i it would probably be better to set it too 720p for games.

    The best RGB option is full, that’s what I have mine set to and I also have super-white on.

    I don’t think cross colour run affects the image when using HDMI, I think it’s for AV cables but you could try it out and see if it makes a difference.

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