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Risk: Urban Assault – PS4 Gameplay Impressions


Risk: Urban Assault - PS4 Gameplay Impressions

Risk Urban Assault PS4 Gameplay


  1. I don't understand why Ubisoft is so shitty with RISK video games after Factions. Factions was actually a very good game with pretty good UI and a good art style and factions theme.

    I can't stand the transparent overlay on top of everything, it's just visual noise and clutter, looks like trash. You have to wonder if a drunken hobo is in charge of the art team. It honestly shouldn't be hard to figure out. Just make a clean, simple UI.

  2. Horrible game. Used to play risk factions on xbox constantly. It was way better. Cant play online bc ubisoft club wont let me register a uplay account. Campaign mode is terribly confusing and fast/slow ai toggle only works half the time so i'm forced to sit through jazzed up battle animation that only slows overall gameplay. Commander abilities could be interesting if better explained. Waste of 15 bucks

  3. You can add to your commander's list two additional commanders , one from Ubisoft Club and one from Hasbro GC . You probably didn't knew that., also , commanders are the key to take advantage and win a game .

  4. Thinking on buying this anyone recommend I'm a original total war pc gamer but looking for strategy games on my Xbox

  5. the island you try to select is a copy of another territory, the one your cursor land to!
    it is not a bug, it is not broken!

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