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Should I Buy the PS3 Slim?


Size and weight

As you would expect, the PS3 slim is a fair bit smaller and lighter than its bigger brother. The PS3 slim measures 290x65x290mm (width x height x length) and weighs in at just 3.2kg. This makes it around 32% smaller and 36% lighter than the previous model.

Power consumption

In today’s environmentally conscious society saving energy is more important than ever. Powerfull HD games consoles have been know to take a lot of power and create a lot of heat. Hot noisy fans are a testament to this fact. It is good news then that the new PS3 slim draws a maximum of just 250 watts of energy. This compares well with the previous model that drew a whopping 380 watts!

Faster cell processor

The PS3 slim has an entirely new processor. The new cell processor jointly developed by IBM, Sony and Toshiba, is said to be both faster, cooler and less power hungry than the previous PS3 CPU. This was confirmed by IBM, so it is more than just hearsay. For the end user this will obviously mean a cooler, less noisy machine, but they may even see some better frame rates in the most intensive games.

Sony Bravia integration

In an attempt to get more people to buy their Plasma / LCD televisions, Sony have given people a small but very cool incentive to buy from their Bravia range of televisions. All new Playstations now include Bravia Sync, this technology integrates the PS3 with Sony Bravia televisions. The extra functionality will allow PS3 slim owners to access the PlayStation XMB (XrossMediaBar) with their Bravia TV remote and it will also allow them to put the PS3 and the TV into standby with a single button press on the TV remote.

Increased storage

Disk based storage is cheaper than ever before, so it is no surprise that Sony have upped the disk capacity on the PS3 slim. This could prove very useful given Sony’s vision of a download based future for games.

PS3 Vertical stand

New for the PS3 slim is a vertical stand that will allow you to mount the machine in a vertical position. This stand will be available for purchase separately, but it is expected to be quite cheap.

Price Cut

The PS3 price cut was a long time coming and it was a surprise for most people when they slashed the PS3 price along with the launch of the new model. At f249.99, the PS3 slim is f50 cheaper in the UK than it was previously. It’s still slightly more expensive than an Xbox Elite, but it does have a built in Blu-ray drive, onboard WiFi and more storage capacity than the Elite. So the PS3 slim does represent very good value for money.

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To check the price of the PS3 slim, UK readers can use this [url not allowed] price comparison website.

Submitted On August 20, 2009Console SystemsOn the face of it, the PS3 Slim may just look like a smaller version of the old 80GB PS3, but it does have a few more things going for it, apart from it’s smaller form factor. In this article we will explore these enhancements.PS3 slim, PlayStation 3 slim, Bravia Sync

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