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Unboxing the Rare Xbox Live Anniversary Console


Watch the Xbox Live anniversary here

Want to get an up-close look at one of the rarest Xbox 360s in the world?

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Unboxing the Rare Xbox Live Anniversary Console


  1. This guy had no respect for other peoples stuff! Didn't even give the Xbox a chance to power down and just pulls the plug out wtf!!! I'd sack you on the spot mate! If he treats other people's stuff like that, I'd hate to see how he treats his own stuff!

  2. It w ill be nice if xbox make an Naruto edition
    And when you make it on it make a razingane sounds

  3. This guy is a colossal looser. I have known him since his days at Team Xbox.

    Look at the douche handling the xbox.

    Calm down and gently unbox if, I feel sorry for the person who let him unbox it.

  4. Received a free 10 year anniversary limited edition Xbox….turns new console on for the first time….gets console banned……

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