Home Xbox Forum were can i buy led lights in xbox controllers?

were can i buy led lights in xbox controllers?


hey i just got interrested in doing this little mod on my controller because whenever i go somewere orhave friends overim tired of getting controllers mixed up and then ending up with the wrong controller and dead batteries so i saw this and it looks like a cool way to prevent and make my controller tight,but the only thing is were can i buy these little bastards?! im not trying to find light bulds im trying to find the LITTLE led lights that make the green rings on the controller they are VERY small about like the size of this dollar sign “$” very tiny im wanting to get colors blue and or white. please help me and send me back with anwser of were i can buy them other than the internet. thanks!

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  1. i know radio shack has EVERYTHING you need to mod a controller, the only thing is with the LED’s its hard to sodder them in and everything. you could also just look ito maybe painting yours some exotic colors! or even put some crazy designs by simply taping it off and painting it with pain! be sure to put some kind of clear coat on it too because otherwise the pain will come off!

  2. Save the time / trouble and buy a pre-lit wired controller from Fred Meyer or Target.

    Range in price from $30 to $40USD and come with a warranty ranging form 90 days to 1 year.

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