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what order should I play the Kingdom Hearts games?


I have played the first one and loved it, so I bought the 358/2 and was completely lost. I now know that it would be extremely beneficial to play the other games, so I was just wondering what order should I play them in? I have done a lot of research and about half the people say to play them in chronological order, and others say to do it by release date. could you please tell me which order would be best to play them in, and WHY? thanks a ton in advance!

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  1. Play them in the order they were created/ment to be played in?

    google there release dates if your not sure.

    by the way how good is kingdom hearts!

    still my favorite ps2 game after years and years

  2. Play them in the order they were released becasue you might confuse your self if you dont. So play them in this order.

    1.Kingdom Hearts

    2.Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories

    3.Kingdom Hearts 2

    4.Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

    5.Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

    6.Kingdom Hearts Coded

    7.Kingdom Hearts 3d Dream Drop Distance (coming soon)

  3. There are two orders; chronological order and the order they came out in.

    I suggest playing them in chronological order because that way you won’t have look up certain info on who they are talking about or what is happening/happened in the past.

    Chronological order of play:

    Birth by Sleep-PSP

    Kingdom Hearts (Final Mix) -PS2

    (Re:) Chain of Memories -Nintendo DS/GBA

    358/2 Days -Nintendo DS

    Kingdom Hearts II (Final Mix) -PS2

    (Re:) Coded -DS

    Kingdom Hearts:Dream Drop Distance-3DS(Coming Soon)

    You can also play in the order they were released which is also a good way to do because it was how the creators intended them to be by releasing them in that order.

    Order released:

    Kingdom Hearts (Final Mix) -PS2

    (Re:) Chain of Memories -Nintendo DS/GBA

    Kingdom Hearts II (Final Mix) -PS2

    358/2 Days -Nintendo DS

    Birth By Sleep -PSP

    (Re:) Coded -Nintendo DS

    Either way is good,but just don’t play them backwards or completely out of order because you WILL be confused and will have to look up spoilers to what happened in other games,which will ruin it for you.Only play them out of order if you can’t get one of the games or the system it’s on,and in that case you can always go on youtube and look up the cutscenes.

    Also,some thing you should know before you start playing is that Final Mixes(only for KH1 and 2) are pretty much the same as the original games,but with added boss battles and other extra content.The only bad thing about Final Mix is that it’s only in japanese and unless you understand japanese or download the patch,I suggest you don’t play it,but if you can then play it.If you can’t do either,then just play the original and look up the extra content on youtube and watch it there.

    Re: games are the same as the original,but put on to a different gaming platform.Some examples are Re:Chain of Memories which was originally for Gameboy,but was made to be playable on the PS2 and Re:Coded,which was for mobile phones in Japan,but can now be played on the DS.The only difference between Re:Chain fo Memories and the original is that in Re:Chain of Memories for PS2 has animated cutscenes with the characters being voiced by voice actors.

    There is another Kingdom Hearts game said to come out soon called Kingdom Hearts:Dream Drop Distance for the 3DS,but the release date has not been announced.

    Hope this helped!

  4. The chronological way: Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts, Chain of Memories/Re:Chain of Memories, 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts 2, Coded/Re:Coded, and then 3D:Dream, Drop, Distance (when it comes out).

    The right way: Kingdom Hearts, Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts 2, 358/2 Days, Birth by Sleep, Coded, then 3D:Dream, Drop, Distance.

    Your way: Whatever floats your boat.

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