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What should be my first Xbox 360 games?


My moms about to sell are house and come on some major cash and I don’t know what games to get don’t say Gears of War because my dad already has that i like Adventure Action FPS and few RPGs and third person shooters and Wich should i get Elite or premium

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  1. dude get splinter cell double agen collecters edition its soo fun its high tech and has the same story line of the normal one but is much better guitar hero spider man 3 tomb raider burnout gta gmes call of duty modern warfare baseball 2k7 nba ive GET ELITE



  2. First of all I would like to say that u should get the elite. It lets u have HDMI and a whooping 120g Hardrive for only 80 bucks more. Second of all u should get either dead rising, rainbow 6 vegas, Elder scrolls, overlord, or GRAW. They all meet the criteria listed in your details so I hope this helps

  3. Now or in the future?

    There’s really no good RPG games out for the 360 right now. The only good RPG that I see coming for the 360 are Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, from the guy that created the FF series. There’s also Mass Effect, from the guys that made Jade Empire.

    FPS: Halo 3 and Bio Shock are certainly two games to look forward to.

    Action Adventure: Dead Rising. Splinter Cell series

  4. Elite has and HDMI output Premium does not, the first game you sould get is Dead Rising $39.99 @ gamestop, and some Tom Clancy games.

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