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Why won’t my PS3 play burnt cds?


They play in the my PS2.just load the disc and it recognizes (.cda – cd audio tracks).put the disc in the PS3, nothing, the disc and its contents are no where to be found
Update 2:
could it be something with the disc, if so, how can I verify with a PC. I use Sonic to burn the discs. weird that my PS2 (and probably PS1) would read and play.
Update 3:
for your info, they are a direct copy of the cd I OWN and BOUGHT! It is just one that I keep at work, NOT PIRACY!! I am not giving it to anyone.
Update 4:
so no one knows what to try.?

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  1. Can you see the Cd, if so

    Try clicking triangle infront of the Cd, then clicking display all.


    Try updating your Ps3 to the latest version.

  2. If they are burned games or movies that are not properly formated then the ps3 will not be able to read the data, you can try reburning your music cds if they are not being read or you can also try a different burnable media, sometimes that helps.

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